Living in Shanghai is an incredibly fun and exciting experience. From the European style of the Former French Concession to the traditional Chinese shíkùmén 石库门, you might just fall in love with this international business hub!

To make your first few days in Shanghai easier and provide you with all the information you will need, Hutong School has created this quick guide to Shanghai!


Directions for getting around Shanghai: by subway, bus, taxi, foot and bike.


A great variety of mouthwatering Chinese cuisines in Shanghai & our Western-style restaurants list!


Where should you spend your nights and how should you entertain yourself? There are loads of options in Shanghai: from clubbing to KTV nights!


Shanghai is known as the shoppers paradise in China: you can literally find anything!


List of consulates in Shanghai.


Top sightseeing & touristic sites in Shanghai.


Planning a weekend away? There are several destinations worth exploring around Shanghai!

Cost of living

How much can you expect to spend living in the city? A random list of prices in Renminbi.