Your Customized Gap Year Program In China 


Build the perfect gap year in China with Hutong School’s fully customizable program. Choose from 4 program blocks lasting 3 months each and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!


Start Building Your Gap Year In China


This fully customizable program consists of four 3-month long blocks, from which you can choose as many or as few as you wish. Each block can be done in any of our 5 locations, giving you the chance to gain a well-rounded experience of life in China.


Whether you wish to combine an internship in Shanghai or Qingdao with an intensive Chinese language program in Hangzhou and volunteer placement in Beijing, we can help. Simply get in touch and one of our program consultants will help you form the perfect program.


Below is an example of how you could structure your Gap Year to experience different locations and programs to make the most of your time in China:


Block 1

Kickstart your Gap Year in China with a 3-month intensive Chinese language course in the country’s vibrant cultural and political heart; Beijing. Experience the contrast between old and new China and get to grips with the basics of the Chinese language.

Block 2

From Beijing, move south to Shanghai, China’s popular international hub to complete an internship. Experience modern China and meet people from all over the world, whilst getting a feel for the Chinese business environment.

Block 3

Next, head to beautiful Hangzhou for another 3 months of intensive Chinese classes. By now you will be able to hold a good conversation in Chinese and might even be able to pass the HSK 4 exam.


Block 4

Lastly, put your Chinese to the test with an internship in Chengdu, home of the panda. You are now able to use Chinese at work and will have established an impressive network across the country.


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Or, find out more about the different program blocks we offer:


Intensive Chinese Program

Internship Program

Volunteer Program


"My classes and especially my internship were great and to be honest, even better than I expected. This is certainly an experience that I won't forget." - Tania



Why Take A Gap Year In China? 


Taking a Gap Year abroad can benefit you in more ways than we can count, but why China?

As one of the world’s most rapidly developing nations, China is becoming increasingly important in an economic and political sense. Having experience living and working here is not only impressive, but also evermore important for anyone looking to build an international career.


"China is wonderful and Hutong School is super organized.

Classes, trips, activities, welcome parties, everything in the right place!" - Patrizio


Our Gap Year Program in China is specially designed to help you develop a useful skillset to help you stand out in almost any industry by enabling you to:



Start Building Your Gap Year In China


To start planning your ideal Gap Year in China, simply complete an application form and let us know what you want your program to look like. Within a few days, you’ll hear from one of our expert Program Consultants who will guide you through the process and help make your dream gap year a reality!


Need some inspiration first? Read more about our locations and programs or contact us for advice.