Learn Chinese In Paris With Our Partner Chinese Institute

With three Chinese schools in Paris, and Chinese teachers in several major French cities, Chinese Institute is the specialist of Chinese classes in France for both professionals and individuals.

Chinese Institute is a chartered training center enabling professionals to use their training credits to follow Chinese classes (CPF Chinois, French). The Chinese courses can be taught in our schools or directly at your company office.

If you live in the Paris area, your Chinese classes can take place in the three Chinese Institute schools in Paris: Montparnasse, Republic & Etoile.

Learn Chinese in Paris | Hutong School

Chinese Institute – Centre Alésia

101-103 Avenue Général Leclerc, 75014 Paris (métro Alésia)

Chinese Institute enables you to have your Chinese classes…

At one of the Chinese Institute Schools

Montparnasse, Republique & Etoile

At home

Your Chinese teacher will come directly to your home for you to learn Chinese and save time. Chinese classes at home (French)

At your office

With the French «CPF» system, many professionals chose to use their learning credits to study Chinese. The Chinese teacher will then come to your office to teach. Chinese classes at the office (French).

Distance learning

With Skype, follow your Chinese Classes easily anywhere in the world. A decent internet connection is required. Skype classes (French)

Teaching Methods

Learn Chinese in Paris | Hutong School

Chinese Institute has a long lasting relationship with teachers of the Chinese as a Foreign Language department at Peking University. In 2011 this partnership resulted in the publication of two new teaching methods for oral Chinese: Chinese Survival Pack® and the Chinese Survival Pack for Professionals®. Both teaching methods are a simple and fast way to learn oral Chinese that you can use in real life situations in China.


All teachers are native speakers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan
• Dynamic student – teacher interactions during the classes
• Balance between vocabulary – listening classes on the one hand and grammar – speaking practice classes on the other hand

All our Chinese teachers are…

Native speakers

Chinese Institute teachers are all native speakers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan. Are fluent in French and graduated from French Universities
Teachers are usually graduates from linguistics programs or Chinese as a Foreign Language programs and are specialized in teaching Chinese to French people.


Our teachers have all teaching experience of 3000 classes taught on average (which corresponds to several years of experience).

Constantly trained

Once a new teacher joins the Chinese Institute team, he/she will follow 11 programs of teaching methodology to ensure each aspect of teaching Chinese language with our Chinese Institute methods.
Each teacher will then specialize in one or several areas: Chinese classes for kids, exams training, professional training, etc.